Our favorite candid beach site I Love The Beach add lots of new photos and videos to their site each month. I always look forward to the latest batch of their 720p videos the most. The quality is superb and makes you feel like you were right there on the sand next to these gorgeous naked girls. For me that is what it is all about. I love watching them in winter too as it ‘tides me over’ till summer arrives.

Update: Some previews of just a few of the new HD beach videos added for ilovethebeach.com members in July 13. 720p and super quality.

The subjects are never aware they are being filmed in their photos and movies too. I much prefer the candid nature they adopt rather than posed pics. I am always amazed they can get in so close with such high quality undetected.

The pic above shows just a handful of the latest videos. They add more every month as well as photos. Become an I Love The Beach member to see more.

As soon as the weather warms up and beach season is in sight the first ones to hit the beach seem to be the teenage girls. In chase of a nice tan for summer no doubt sans any tanlines. Some of them are bought up by naturist parents so the beach and nudity goes hand in hand for them. From as long as they can remember they never needed a swimsuit to go to the beach.

teen girls natural sunbathing

Others may get introduced the nudism lifestyle through friends and try it and get hooked. Then there is the rest that just go nude purely for the tan and nothing else. But at the end of the day we are all naked under the same sun. :)

The photo above shows two young girls enjoying their afternoon together working on their tan and having fun. It was taken candidly and comes courtesy of the I Love The Beach site. They have a massive collection of high quality candid beach pictures also HD video. I recommend you take a look.

Some people think that most nudists are probably very kinky and sexually liberated. I think in some ways it’s true. What I mean is I think a greater percentage of nudists do things like partner swapping and group sex a little more than the general public. Many nudists are very typical people though, so it pays not to generalize.

interracial swingers

I have participated myself in some partner swapping in the past with a lovely nudist couple we met. We all felt comfortable with each other and respected limits and we all had a very good time and remain friends (with benefits).

nudists outdoor shower

Actual sex on the beach is something most nudists don’t do. The few that do give the lifestyle a bit of a bad name in my book. Do it in private away from other beach goers is how I view it.

Anyway that is my sermon for the day. If you like these photos then hit up the Nudist Beach site for more.

I spent a glorious afternoon at one of my favorite clothing optional beaches yesterday. The weather was nothing short of spectacular and there were many people enjoying the day. There were more families around than usual and I noticed many moms, aunts, grandmothers etc going topless and in some cases naked.

topless mom at the beach

These mature women may not have the firm young bodies they once had but really who cares? I find the older lady in the above photo tremendously sexy and I love the confidence she shows as she enters the water in just her bikini bottoms.

topless female

You can find a huge collection of candid topless and nude beach photos and videos at I Love The Beach. They film some awesome stuff and have an eye for what us beach voyeurs really want to see.

People often like to joke that most nudists are old or fat (or old AND fat according to some!). While it’s true there are a lot more mature aged nudists than teenagers at most beaches, but you can and will find attractive young people enjoying a spot of nudism too. You just have to pick the right place at the right time of year.

hot amateur

I have seen some perfect 10s in my time too. Stunningly beautiful teens with flawless figures like the young ladies pictured here. While they may be few and far between these flawless naked angels are nice to observe in all their natural glory.

teen perfect 10

These teen nudist photos come to us courtesy of Nudist Amateurs. Visit them to see their massive collection.

When the weather is really bad like it is here today I sometimes like to watch nude beach videos. It makes me forget about the grey clouds and rain when I see beautiful naked women at the beach enjoying the sun and sea. I almost feel like I am there with them on the beach the camera zooms in so close.

nudist girls

Get the FULL SIZE images here!

naked in the sea

I really love it when the subjects are not aware they are being filmed. It makes it so much more real. You’re seeing them as if you were just another body on the beach.

The I Love The Beach site has a massive collection of such photos and also video. Their high definition videos are really superb. I have become addicted to watching them on my big LED television… giant beach titties anyone? Haha.

Traditional dancing is something practiced by nearly every African tribe discovered and I dare say most cultures around the world. These dances often involve nudity or at least partial nudity. They adorn themselves with all sorts of colorful accessories and body art. You will often see a similar ‘tribal’ festivals at many nudist resorts.

hot tribal girl

The tribeswomen usually have their breasts exposed as they dance. Some tribes will dance completely naked.

naked Africans

These photos come from a site called Lost Tribes. It’s a very unique sort of site and they have a massive collection of naked tribes people pictures and video. Join their site to see it all plus gain free access to over 4,000 other sites too!

I am very much looking forward to my summer vacation in Europe in a few months. I will be able to return to the glorious popular clothing optional and generally more liberated free beaches that litter the coastlines of many countries. These are often filled to capacity with locals and tourists alike at that time of the year and I have seen some stunning female beach goers that all seem to go at least topless with many going fully naked.

no swimsuit top

Get the FULL SIZE images here!

females topless

These beach beauties think little of just taking off their swimsuits for an all over tan or nude swim. Secretly I think they also enjoy the obvious male attention that they get too hehe. I try and subtle at sneaking a peek at a beautiful partially clothed girl but sometimes you just can’t help but hold your look a little too long.

If you like these pictures you can see tens of thousands more in high resolution at I Love The Beach as well as their big collection of HD candid beach videos.

We often post pictures of topless women at the beach but something not as often seen are girls that go bottomless. Some may find it strange that they chose to keep their boobs covered and not their lower half but horses for courses as I always say. Whether they be embarrassed by their bodies or have another reason to cover up it’s really no body elses business.

bottomless at the beach

See these teen nudist photos in much higher size here

teen girls skinny dipping

You can see thousands of bottomless, topless and naked women at the I Love The Beach site. They have professional cameramen filming at many of the best beaches around the world to bring us unprecedented candid footage of beautiful female nudists.

A lot of people immediately assume all nudist couples are swingers and up for some partner swapping. I know for a fact that this is not the case, but it would be fare to say that a greater than average percentage of nudists swing than the general population. I don’t necessarily think one leads to another but a nude beach can be a great place for a frisky couple to meet other like minded couples.


Some are subtle about this and others not so much. I still remember the day a middle aged husband and wife started a conversation with me and invited me back to their place for a ‘drink’. Turns out the wife had eying my package and hubby wanted me to bang her while he watched! Of course I obliged!

nudist fun

These photos of nude couples having fun in the sun come to us courtesy of Nudist Beach. Visit them to see countless videos and photos of naked people outdoors.

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