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When the weather is really bad like it is here today I sometimes like to watch nude beach videos. It makes me forget about the grey clouds and rain when I see beautiful naked women at the beach enjoying the sun and sea. I almost feel like I am there with them on the beach the camera zooms in so close.

nudist girls

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naked in the sea

I really love it when the subjects are not aware they are being filmed. It makes it so much more real. You’re seeing them as if you were just another body on the beach.

The I Love The Beach site has a massive collection of such photos and also video. Their high definition videos are really superb. I have become addicted to watching them on my big LED television… giant beach titties anyone? Haha.

I am very much looking forward to my summer vacation in Europe in a few months. I will be able to return to the glorious popular clothing optional and generally more liberated free beaches that litter the coastlines of many countries. These are often filled to capacity with locals and tourists alike at that time of the year and I have seen some stunning female beach goers that all seem to go at least topless with many going fully naked.

no swimsuit top

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females topless

These beach beauties think little of just taking off their swimsuits for an all over tan or nude swim. Secretly I think they also enjoy the obvious male attention that they get too hehe. I try and subtle at sneaking a peek at a beautiful partially clothed girl but sometimes you just can’t help but hold your look a little too long.

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I noticed a pair of really beautiful young women walking along the shore of the beach up to the ‘unclad section’. I thought they would steal a peek or two at the nudists and giggle and keep walking. To my surprise they set their towels down right smack in the middle of the nude part of the beach and proceeded to take their bikini tops off.

topless bathing

One of the girls was more adventurous than her friend and after a couple of minutes wiggled out of her bikini bottom as well. The other girl would not take her briefs off but both of them seemed to be having a load of fun regardless.

nude and beautiful

So unclad bathing is not for everyone, but partial nudity is enough to get into the spirit at most nude beaches.

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As beautiful a sight as any landscape would be girls skinny dipping in the ocean. Perhaps close to sunset as the sun gets low and shines that certain way down onto their wet skin and the water. A good photographer can really capture a lot in these moments. Below are some nice examples of just what I am talking about.

skinny dipping

The first two girls are young and look like friends. They are having fun laughing in the water without their bikini tops. Both girls are beautiful with lovely bodies and I am sure many guys are admiring the view from the shore.

boobs in water

Another young lady is shocked by the crispness of the cold sea as she plunges under the surface in only a thong. I hope she is not going to get out!

angry woman

And this last picture is more for comedy value. Not all skinny dipping girls appreciate having their photo taken. Beware candid beach photographers… she doesn’t look too impressed.

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I know a couple of female nudists that are very busty. One of them tells me she feels extremely self conscious a lot of time due to the constant stares she gets – from both men and women. Obviously the sight of a pair of very large naked breasts is just too much for some people. The other of the ladies said she actually enjoys the attention her big boobs get and just has fun with it. After all she tells me she can not change it so why not just accept it.

busty beach

I bet both the women in these two photos know the feeling all too well. If it bothered them too much I am sure we wouldn’t see them taking off their swimsuits and frolicking naked on the beach.

large breasts

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While most people who go to nude beaches do so only for the enjoyment of being naked and free in the sun, you do sometimes see women there who obviously enjoy the attention they draw. I saw such a lady only recently. She was a very good looking blonde with a superb body. She was walking up and down the shoreline quite a bit and her and her boyfriend seemed to savor the admiring looks she was getting from the many guys on the beach.

beach exhibitionist

I must admit my eyes where on her lovely figure too… hey if she wants to flaunt it I will steal a peek or three hehe! They finally settled down on the sand and he started taking photos of her sprawled naked in the wet sand as the gentle waves crashed in and over her body. It must have made for some nice holiday snaps I am sure!

naked blonde

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I know a lot of younger single guys do look around the beach to check out the female talent. While gawking at semi naked women on the beach is a bit of creep move there is nothing wrong with a quick admiring glance or saying hello… as long as it is done respectfully.

beautiful woman

True beautiful women generally do not want to be approached by any guy so you take the risk of getting told off no matter how polite you think you are being. It has happened to me countless times, mostly in my younger days though lol.

naked tanning

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Any one who visits our site regularly will know that 99% of the pics we show are taken candidly. What that means is the picture is taken without the subject being aware they are being filmed. I always find these sorts of photos far more interesting as it captures the moment without the subject interacting with the camera.

topless beauty

That is not to say however that I don’t enjoy photos like these. Clearly both of these female nudists are posing for these pics but they are still really nice shots. The big smile on the girl in front of the para-sailer is a really good one.

nude pose

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Ok so very few people would be able to find a single thing wrong with this beautiful blonde woman’s body as she emerges topless from the sea. For the vast majority of nudists this is not the case but that does not let that stop them from going naked.

hot woman in sunglasses

I am sure a girl like here is well used to stares and admiring glances and deals with them in stride. Deep down she is probably flattered even if sometimes she wishes they would not watch her so closely. How do I know these things? I have talked to several female nudists I would rate a 10 for their beauty and they all say that.

You can see more photos like this at I Love The Beach. Their specialty is shooting high quality photos and videos candidly at various topless and nude beaches all over the world. They have some breathtaking stuff in their gigantic members section. If you love candid beach photos this is a site you really should not miss.

So many younger women work out hard in the gym for the perfect beach body. I see it all the time just before summer. I am guilty of it too myself. I mean we all want to look as good as possible even though nudists are typically a little less concerned with working out at a gym. Most I have met prefer to keep fit naturally by keeping busy and playing sport… yes in the nude!

naked swim

True you will see some stunning women (and men) at any popular nudist beach but for every one of them there will be at least ten ordinary schmoo’s. You don’t have to look like a celebrity to be naked. It’s all about being comfortable with your body. If you are not then maybe hit the gym. If you are? Well good luck to you and enjoy the beach just the way you are.

bare bottoms

Visit the I Love The Beach site to see more photos like this of thousands of female nudists and topless beach goers. They also have a huge collection of high definition candid beach videos too.

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