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I spent a glorious afternoon at one of my favorite clothing optional beaches yesterday. The weather was nothing short of spectacular and there were many people enjoying the day. There were more families around than usual and I noticed many moms, aunts, grandmothers etc going topless and in some cases naked.

topless mom at the beach

These mature women may not have the firm young bodies they once had but really who cares? I find the older lady in the above photo tremendously sexy and I love the confidence she shows as she enters the water in just her bikini bottoms.

topless female

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A lot of the younger generation may find the thought of their mom being naked at the beach very disturbing but it’s definitely not the case for most nudists. I see tonnes of regular moms (or mums) going swimsuit free at my local beach. Why shouldn’t they? Just because you’ve had kids doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun.

naked mom

Check out these two young mothers out in the sun as naked as the day they were born. Both look happy to be enjoying a beautiful warm sunny day free of the restriction of a bikini.

nudist mother

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Some friends of mine made their first foray to a nude beach a few weeks back. They are married with a couple of teenage children and the wife had never been topless at a beach before let alone gone nude. She was a bit nervous about disrobing as there were quite a few people about on such a sunny warm day. When she saw there were so many other ordinary women her age and older and not just flawless bodied beach bunnies she got comfortable enough to slip her bikini off all together.

milf nudist

Her partner noticed she was getting some admiring looks from younger guys at started calling her the “MILF nudist”. She laughed it off but I could tell the day was a really positive experience for her and she enjoyed it immensely. They both look forward to their next nude beach excursion.

beach pussy

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I really believe the combination of a being outdoors and active really is the best way to minimize the effects on aging. Over the years I have talked to some older women at various nude beaches and nudist hangouts and have been nothing short of shocked to learn their age.

fit older lady

Just this very weekend I was chatting to a beautiful woman at the beach. I was thinking in my head as I started chatting to her that she was around her early forties. It was only later that she revealed her true age – 54! I was amazed.

Now bear in mind nudists can’t hide behind carefully chosen clothes either she was standing there naked with everything to see. I told her what I thought her age was and she was flattered and said she worked out hard at the gym to keep herself looking good… and it clearly works I thought to myself and made a note to visit the gym even more often.

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It’s always nice to nice to meet older ladies who are very comfortable in their own body and have no trouble walking around totally naked wrinkles, saggy boobs and all! I think it’s fantastic and some of the best discussions I have ever had have been with older female nudists. It really seems that many of them really understand the meaning of what it means to be a true nudist.

nudist caught

naked lady bike

To celebrate the beauty of our senior female nudists I’ve got a couple of pictures of two nice mature women enjoying themselves at a nudism resort. The first is making her way to the amenities block in nothing but her sandals. Another plump 50 plus year old lady is taking advantage of a warm sunny day is taking a leisurely bike ride as naked as the day she was born.

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You’ll see a wide variety of body types and shapes amongst the women that visit nude beaches. I have seen very overweight ladies go completely nude right next to slim ladies that could just about be models. As we all know none of that matters to most real nudists. It’s what underneath that really counts whether you are fat or skinny is irrelevant.

skinny woman

fat woman

These two photos were candidly taken and demonstrates what we are talking about. These mature women are both about the same age. One is clearly slim and fit and the other, without being too blunt, is fairly plump. Does anyone except the gawkers and perverts care? No, not really.

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You see a lot of mature aged nudists when you frequent nude beaches or resorts a lot. I think a lot of that has to do with them being largely retired with more time of their hands to enjoy it how they like – and lying naked on the beach in the sun right next to your life partner sounds pretty good to me.

old married couple

The two older married couples in these pictures are a prime example of what I am talking about. They look fit and active for their age and it’s the nude lifestyle they live that gives them that zest for life many mature couples have lost as they sit in front of the TV or whatever else they do.

senior nudes

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One of my most recent short stays at a nudist resort I had not visited before had a lot of more senior nudists than I had ever seen before. It seemed like 90% of the guests were older than 50. Not that that bothered me too much… I do prefer a more even mix of young and old to mix with but I will talk to anyone.

naked grandma

I am sure a lot of guys would be unhappy to see so many naked old ladies (and men!) walking about the camp. Not that I judge but I think I saw more chubby cellulite asses that weekend than I have seen in my entire life haha. It is nice to talk to these older nudists though as they have good stories to tell and can fill you in on all the best local beaches and nudist friendly places to visit if you are holidaying.

senior nudists

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I love this photo. It captures a moment in time of a very beautiful nudist mom. She is smiling sweetly and having fun naked under the sun with her daughters. She looks amazingly fit for a lady of her age that has three children and no doubt the nudist lifestyle she lives helps her greatly in that regard.

beautiful mom

I always like seeing more mature nudists who have no inhibitions about their bodies. Not that this lady needs to worry as she is clearly in good shape and very pretty. It is so different to ordinary life where people are always trying to cover up or hide their imperfections.

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I see a lot of old couples at the nude beaches and resorts I frequent. I love to see them so full of life and sprightly and only hope I am the same once I reach their age. I especially like seeing these matures holding hands and still in love… it brings joy to me to see that. I think couples who are both nudists often share a closer bond. Maybe I am wrong but it is just an observation I have made when spending time with various married couples over the years.

naked matures

old couple

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