Naked Tribes

Traditional dancing is something practiced by nearly every African tribe discovered and I dare say most cultures around the world. These dances often involve nudity or at least partial nudity. They adorn themselves with all sorts of colorful accessories and body art. You will often see a similar ‘tribal’ festivals at many nudist resorts.

hot tribal girl

The tribeswomen usually have their breasts exposed as they dance. Some tribes will dance completely naked.

naked Africans

These photos come from a site called Lost Tribes. It’s a very unique sort of site and they have a massive collection of naked tribes people pictures and video. Join their site to see it all plus gain free access to over 4,000 other sites too!

We have discussed traditional western views about nudist versus the views of much of the rest of the world and how at odds it is. You don’t get much more blatant a difference when comparing modern first world life with the various tribes that still exist all but untouched or affected by the outside world.

tribe girls

In these tribes girls and women generally go topless or even fully naked. There is nothing odd or sexual about these girls being nude in front of their families and peers.. it is normal life.

topless tribes

These photos show part of that minimalistic lifestyle that they live day to day. These pics come courtesy of the Lost Tribes website. They have arguably the biggest collection of nude tribes people pictures on the net. Join their site to get access to them all plus free bonus membership to their massive network of over 4,000 other sites!

Seems a lot of people enjoyed our post about Nude African Tribal Women from a week or so ago. We thought we’d post a few more of these sorts of photos for you today. Again these pics are from the
Lost Tribes website.

tribewoman naked

This time I think it’s of a Kenyan tribe. The woman has her hair done in mud dreadlocks and has various tribal jewelery adoring her. She is all but naked except for these items. The other picture shows two tribesmen who are also naked. Their faces are painted as they pose for the camera.

nude tribesmen

You can find thousands more photos like this of naked tribes people from various continents at Lost Tribes. Join their site to get access to them all plus free bonus membership to their massive network of over 4,000 other sites!

Something a little different for you all today. I was watching a National Geographic documentary the other day about a couple of African tribes in a remote area. It got me thinking how they are similar to nudists. For the most part they are naked all the time and all their rituals like dancing involve body painting and adornments and are typically done either fully nude or topless.

topless tribal girls

naked tribes woman

These photos come courtesy of a great site that I only recently discovered. It’s called Lost Tribes and they have loads of pictures like these of various tribes people going about their daily lives. Head over to take a look if these images interest you.

Well worth noting that if you join their site you also get access to over 4,000 other porn sites! There are many other nudist and beach sites amongst these so you really get a lot of bang for your buck.

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