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It’s funny in some parts of the world it almost assumed that any naked male on the beach on his own or even without a female is gay. It is true that certain beaches are very much gay orientated it is not wise to always assume it is the case. Hell I have been to so called gay nude beaches on my own and I am definitely heterosexual.

heterosexual nudists

In other parts of the world it is much less a concern. It tends to be where people are more liberal towards sex too. Not surprising then it seems to be mainly a western thing. Personally gay, straight, bi or otherwise I really don’t care. As long as you are not being crude on the beach do what ever floats your boat.

gay nudists

These photos of male nudists come courtesy of a site called Nudist Beach. They have thousands upon thousands of pics of real nudist men and women.

It’s funny how you seem to form a bond more quickly with your fellow male nudists. I guess it should not come as a surprise as you already have something pretty major in common and have a good idea what sort of person the other is. Non nudist males always seem to want to somehow associate something gay about this. Yes, schoolboy humor is alive in well in most adult men but it does seem to go further than this. Insecurity rearing it’s ugly head once again would be my guess. Anyway, I am thankful I live life without such trivial concerns or worries.

naked men

Many of our viewers enjoy the pictures we show of the less fair sex so we will continue to show them. These come from our friends at Pure Nudism who have photos and videos of nudist of all ages, body type and yes they feature both men and women. If you like what you’ve seen here you will love their site.

Friends of mine still like to laugh about something that happened to me many years ago when I was younger (and more naive). We were at a nude beach I had never been too and a lot of men where smiling and initiating conversations with me. I said to my friends how friendly everyone was here and they laughed. Turns out it was a famous gay nude beach and most of these older guys were trying to chat me up haha! Oh well I should have been flattered I guess.

gay nudists

I know many of our visitors are gay themselves and while we mostly show pictures of the fairer sex here we like to mix it up. The Pure Nudism site has a vast collection of photos of male nudists (as well as women and families). If you enjoy the pictures we show here you can see plenty more of them in huge full size by joining their site. It really is a quality site and you will be more than happy with the both the volume and quality of their photos and videos.

One of the biggest worries any guy new to nudism has is about getting an erection in public. Lets face it is a natural reaction and being surrounded by beautiful naked females constantly it can happen more easily than you may think despite us not wanting it too. I think as long as you make an effort to cover it and wait till it subsides most other nudists are fairly understanding and won’t judge you too harshly. What you don’t want to do is parade around with a raging hard on for all to see… you’ll find yourself being asked to either control yourself or leave if that happens.

nude men walking

This photo of a male nudist at camp comes from the Pure Nudism site. They have a massive collection of high quality photos of male and female nudists at various beaches, resorts and more from all over the world. Join their site to get access to their entire collection of original images and videos.

Someone asked me if it was weird talking to a stranger while naked. My reply is the first couple of times it definitely is a little strange but you would be amazed how quickly it becomes perfectly normal. You will find on many nude beaches nudists are far more likely to chat with others they have never met than any textile beach. I guess it is kind of a natural ice breaker to both be there for the same reasons and being naked is like a level playing field.

naked males

Speaking of which a friend on mine made a joke about how I feel if another man is more shall we say well hung than I. I laughed and say another mans penis size doesn’t really play much on my mind. It is true though that these lucky males do get a bit of extra attention from both female nudists and gay male nudists. That is only natural though and no different to the eyes checking out the more beautiful females on the beach.

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I really like this photo of two old friends doing a bit of nude gardening. Having experienced this activity naked myself once or twice I can tell you it really is wonderful. Gardening always makes one feel close to nature and doing el natural takes it that one step further. I’ve also washed my car nude on occasion and it too was fantastic and I now resent having to do it clothed when I am back home. I could try it nude but I think it might freak my uptight weirdo neighbors out haha!

nude gardening

This slice of candid nudist camp life comes courtesy of Pure Nudism. If you’d like to see more photos like this of not just male nudists but nudists af all ages and sex then they are one of the biggest on the net. Their members get too see the full high resolution images too.

The other day I was chatting with an older gentlemen at one of my local nude beaches. We got to talking about how long we were nudists. He said 70 years! I was shocked and asked how old he was, to which he replied 70 haha. He was bought up by nudist parents and he and his sisters were involved in this lifestyle pretty much from birth.

old man naked

He has never gotten tired of it and said he actually resents having to wear clothes in society. He and his wife usually go nude around the house and only ever put clothes on to go shopping. Hmmm maybe this is my future? Who knows, I certainly hope I am as fit and sprightly at that age as this guy.

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A common site at many nudist friendly beaches is a group of men showering together after a swim. Usually at a simple outdoor shower setup there are no privacy curtains or stalls. It would seem silly to have such modesty walls after spending all day naked in front of everyone no? I myself have used these and felt a nice camaraderie with my fellow male nudists. Sharing a joke or chatting as the warm water washes away the sand and salt is a nice feeling and one I enjoy.

men showering

Of course it’s not just naked men showering these are purely unisex facilities and women and kids use them too. When I visit smaller or unofficial nude beaches I really miss this part of the day especially when you have to get back into my car still covered in sand and smelling like the ocean.

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I have to say I hate seeing men in speedos. There is something strange about the way they look that is just not quite right. At this nude beach though you won’t see any either as the males prefer to just be naked. So no need to worry about unsightly bulges for these boys as they enjoy the wonderful sensation of the suns rays, the breeze and the warm Mediterranean sea on their flesh. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

no speedos

This is another of the candid nude beach photos taken by the always watching cameras of Pure Nudism. They film at all the big nudist friendly places of Europe and capture images and videos like this of naked people enjoying the lifestyle. Become a member of their site and you can download all their high resolution pics (we resize them greatly here).

Many might be shocked if they knew the age of this male nudist. Not many would look at this naked grandpa and even realize her was a grandfather… several times over. He likes to keep fit and has lived a clean nudist lifestyle for over 50 years. Now that he is retired he gets to enjoy being nude at his favorite beaches whenever he feels like it.

naked grandpa

He visits them most days for a long naked walk along the shore line and a swim in the sea. Of course he is not alone in this regard. You will see many older men and couples at most nude beaches enjoying being without clothes together under the sun.

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