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If you have never been to a nudism camp or resort you are missing out on a lot of fun. I’ve been to around a dozen over the years and always have a great time with fellow nudists. There are different kinds that cater to different sorts of people but the ones I like most have a real carnival like atmosphere with things like nude sports (naked volleyball is my favorite), body art and beauty pageants for the girls.

body art girls

Seeing these photos of people having fun at a colony makes me miss it. I am looking forward to my next visit to one and getting involved in the various activities.

naked volleyball

If you are too shy or not near one you can always live vicariously through the wonderful photos and videos that the Nudist Camp website provide. Have a look at what they have to offer as we are big fans of their work.

I bet most of you would like an invitation to this party huh? Looks like a lot of fun is going to be had by the girls as they ready themselves for a huge fun party… of course all enjoyed without clothes. Boys and girls especially look forward to the big parties that often happen at the larger nudist resorts.

bodypainting teens

These events usually have some kind of theme and here we see many teenage girls wearing there mascaraed masks and also some creative body painting. In a way these girls adorn their bodies with accessories and body paint in a similar way as their clothed counterparts at a night club. Will they attract the boys? I am sure some of them will.

nudist party

Want to see more photos from private nudist parties? Visit the Pure Nudism site to see well over 250,000 high resolution photos and thousands of videos of nudist of all ages.

That is just how I felt when I visited one of the largest nudist resorts a couple of years ago. Every where you looked their were naked people smiling, laughing and just enjoying every second of being nude with their friends and family. I had a blast that week and am itching to go back. I met some lovely young women there too who are right into the lifestyle and they were great to talk to and also to hear their views and opinions about nudism. Very refreshing to see nudism is alive and well amongst the younger generation.

nude festiva

girls nude at beach

These photos come to us courtesy of the Nudist Camp site that has a nice collection of nudist photos taken at various camps, colonies, resorts and the beach. If you want to feel like you are right there amongst it there content does a good job of that. I like looking through their stuff whenever I miss the beach like today.

As well as enjoying being naked all day every day at a nudist colony it’s also great to be surrounded by naked ladies too I am not going to lie. Sure the vast majority of us nudists don’t gawk or stare at members of the fairer sex but of course we look. It’s only natural to want to look at beautiful things and they don’t come any more beautiful than the female body.

busty grandma

These two women would be well used to wandering eyes I would imagine. They both have lovely figures for ladies of their age and having them naked so close it is almost impossible not to take an admiring glance or two. I think as long as you are respectful they don’t mind too much.

blonde nudist

You can see hundreds of thousands of photos just like this at Pure Nudism. We resize their pics to show here but their members can download the huge high resolution versions.

I have been to quite a few nudist camps (or resorts if you prefer) over the years. Early on I knew no one. Being naked in front of a whole group of people can be daunting. Of course it helps they too are naked… might be a different story if they were all clothed lol. A lovely married couple introduced themselves to me and from there we became friends and spent a bit of time together over the weekend. I met friends of theirs too and from there I found chatting to strangers fairly easy and met a lot of nudists, some of which I am still friends with today.

married nudists

nude exploring

My next trip will be with a partner so it should be a lot of fun doing all the activities together naked. She is new to the lifestyle but loves it. Bit of luck we will meet some nice couples that we stay in touch with.

These pics are courtesy of the Amateur Nudism Collection site. They have plenty more too so hit up their site to find out how to get access to all of them as well as free bonus membership to over a thousand more sites in their network.

Some people have the wrong idea about what happens around a nudist camp. They may think it’s just weird people walking around naked all day. It’s far from the truth in most places I have visited.. particularly the more popular ones. They have activities and events similar to what you’d find at any ‘normal’ resort… in fact I would say more.

nude friends

Young nudists in particular are well catered for. Look at the girls in these photos for an example. The first are a bunch of three friends doing what girls there age like to do. Styling each others hair to get ready for the afternoon beauty pageant and later that night after dinner they will head to the hall for a nude disco with others their age. Painting their naked bodies is another popular activity at most resorts especially amongst the younger visitors.

naked body paint

You can see over 170,000 nudist photos like this in high resolution at Pure Nudism. They have a massive site full of great quality images and video clips.

Well for some people it is. I know of some people who are lucky enough to live their entire lives pretty much nude. As well the time they spend at nude beaches and nudist camps they also go nude at their home. Of course you’ll either need to be retired or work from home in most cases to do this. For the vast majority of us though this idealic life is only a dream and just not possible.

nudist festival

My trips to nudist colonies are the only time I get to live day to day life as a nudist so I savor all the time I spend their. Like the ladies and men you see in these pictures here I participate in all the activities and festivals that go on around camp and met as many new people as possible.

naked girls outside

When I am away from such heavenly places I like to look at nudism photos like these. These particular ones come from a site called Nudist Camp. They have a tonne of images like this, so if you like these then be sure to swing by their site to see more.

Body painting and body art are often a big part of any nude festival. Why? I guess it is a celebration of the naked form and adorning ones self with paints and jewelery is something that dates back to ancient times. Often it is something that the younger ones indulge in more but even the oldies get in on the action on occasion.. myself included!

nude festival

These young ladies look like they are ready to go into battle. Their body paint looks very tribal and the weapons in their hand certainly add to that look. As far as the eye can see at this nudist festival young women and men are all painted with bright colors and patterns and having a good time and after all that is what it is all about.

body art nude

If you enjoy this style of photos then I suggest you check out Nudist Camp which is where these images come from. They have a big collection of them for their members to see and download.

It is amazing how quickly any shyness or nervousness about being naked in front of strangers can dissipate once you are actually doing it. I never thought I would be comfortable with using a communal shower for example but after using one at a nudist camp I thought nothing about it again. In fact I kind of liked showering outdoors in the the open while sharing a chat or joke with new people. It’s quite exhilarating.

nude holiday

communal shower

The Pure Nudism site has many photos like this of every day nude life at nudist camps and resorts. Their members can see over 150,000 of them in very high resolution as all their content is professionally taken. You can find nudists of all ages and sizes.

Anyone for nude volleyball? I enjoy naked sports of all variety, but I think that volleyball is one that really lends itself to being played for fun as a communal group. You don’t have to be good at it to have a good time and it is also a good ice breaker sort of game that people can play together.

nude volleyball

With beach volleyball girls costumes getting smaller and smaller you never know we may yet see nude volleyball as an Olympic sport one day haha. I joke but I would love to see it.

naked sports

You can find a lot more photos and videos of nude people playing sport and doing all sorts of other activities naked at Nudist Camp site. Their members also get bonus membership to their Nude Beach 4U sister site too upon joining.

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