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A lot of people immediately assume all nudist couples are swingers and up for some partner swapping. I know for a fact that this is not the case, but it would be fare to say that a greater than average percentage of nudists swing than the general population. I don’t necessarily think one leads to another but a nude beach can be a great place for a frisky couple to meet other like minded couples.


Some are subtle about this and others not so much. I still remember the day a middle aged husband and wife started a conversation with me and invited me back to their place for a ‘drink’. Turns out the wife had eying my package and hubby wanted me to bang her while he watched! Of course I obliged!

nudist fun

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I know to many people the thought of seeing their sister or brother naked is quite off putting, but to true nudists it is completely and utterly normal. This hang up is another part of western life that limits us. These sisters often spend time together in the nude, especially on vacation where they like to visit nude beaches and resorts with their family.

nude sisters

I can’t say I ever do this my siblings as they are just not into the lifestyle. I wouldn’t have much problem with it but believe you me they would! Probably for the best then that we don’t holiday as a family anymore lol!

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I was at a popular European nude beach one day about ten years ago and there was a big sign near the entrance of the car park announcing it was “Naked Family Day’. I kind of laughed to the person with me that a sign like that was a little politically incorrect and wondered what would happen if such a sign was put on a similar beach in our more conservative location. We didn’t ponder on it too much but instead headed down the steep rocky path to one of the nicest clothing free beaches around.

naked family

It was a beautiful day and the beach indeed was packed with families. Their were children and teens everywhere with their parents and in some cases grandparents. It was good to see so many nudists of all ages enjoying themselves outdoor in the nude at once. Sometimes I fear nudism is dying out as you see so few young people but this day re insured my faith that nudism will live on!

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A lot of people find parents that take their kids to nude beaches to be some sort of sexual weirdos. I’ve met some who firmly believe most of these families practice incest! I found that very alarming and disturbing that they actually think this way. It really does show how little the average schmuck knows about nudism. Pure ignorance on their part.

nude celebration

Oh well, I was at the beach just yesterday and met a lovely family. Mom, dad and their two young daughters were having a great time being naked together under the sun on a beautiful day. To hell with the haters they are probably a closer family unit than all of them put together.

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Let me start off this post by saying how much I love this photo! It’s a great candid snap of an older mom and her two adult daughter. They are on a nudist holiday with the rest of the family which they have done since the girls were children. Visiting this nude resort is an annual thing they like to do and it bonds them together.

nude mom and daughters

As you can see ‘mom’ is in pretty good shape for her age and you can see where her beautiful daughters get their looks from. Here they are taking a morning dip in the lake. It’s cold but the girls are having so much fun being outdoors and naked together they really don’t mind. The feeling of crisp cold water on their skin is invigorating they say.

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While many conservative Westerners may find the thought of nude family vacation weird or downright disgusting it is fairly common among many European and Soviet countries. Children of nudist parents are bought up in the lifestyle and holiday times are more often than not spent at any of the popular nude resorts around their country. I mean what better way to spend your vacation time but surrounded by like minded people and other nudist families.

nude family vacation

These resorts have all the activities and things to do that most “normal” resorts have with the added benefit of being able to do them all naked. Just typing this makes we long for my next trip!

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Many nudists don’t like to be photographed while they are naked. I can understand this as a lot of times you just don’t know where that photo will end up or who will see it. Others are less caring and are only too happy to pose for nude photos as long as they are asked first.

posing nude

I have seen more than one group of nudists ‘lose it’ when someone took their photo will they were fishing naked. Lets just the guys expensive looking camera went for a dip! No such anger with these friendly nudists though. They look more than happy to pose for the camera.

nude date

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I am sure there are many people in this world that would find the fact that a dad and his daughter would spend time together naked. These types just can’t seem to separate being nude with sex and there would find this to be incest. It’s not like this father is having any form of sex with his daughter – they are just nudists who have lived the bulk of their lives this way.

dad and daughter

I guess for these girls if they started to date a non nudist it would be quite a strange concept for their new boyfriend to get his head around. Maybe that is why many will tend to socialize with other young nudists their age so there is not that awkward situation.

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The thing that seems really odd to a lot of people that are not nudists is how people can be naked in front of their family without feeling any embarrassment. Even some nudists I know think that way. They are ok with being nude with their spouse or significant other by the prospect of being nude in front of inlaws etc terrifies them. I think it’s all about how you are bought up. Many of these family nudists have known nothing else as they were bought up within the nudist lifestyle so it is not weird at all to see their parents, grand parents and siblings naked.

family nude

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What a great family photo this one is. A daughter poses with her mom and her aunt as they enjoy a day of nude fun at the beach. They are a close knit family and they all love nudism. The girls aunty actually introduced her husband to their nude lifestyle and he took to it right away. These ladies have no trouble being naked in front of one another and say it makes them even closer friends.

mom daughter and aunt

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