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The few holidays I have spent at nudist colonies I noted that body painting was very popular, especially with children and younger women. I’m not too into it myself but when everyone else is doing it and having a good time I will usually get involved too… that’s what it’s all about after all. I guess with no clothes that an interesting design painted onto our naked bodies can be seen as a fashion accessory!

nudist body painting

Here’s a wonderfully candid photo of a group of nudists painting each others bodies right on the beach. It’s a real carnival atmosphere as girls and boys alike line up to get their nude bodies adorned with painted flowers and shapes. I’m not sure where this is but it looks like a Russian beach to me.

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Some friends of mine that I introduced to nudism complained to me recently that there were so very few family friendly nudist beaches around. That is something I have thought myself for a long time. There are quite a few in many parts of Europe but for many others it is unfortunate that there may be none at all in your country. They said the majority of the clothes free beaches in their area seemed to be mainly frequented by gay men.

nudist parents

They don’t have a problem with gay men per say I should point out but it’s not really the atmosphere they were looking for for a family day at the beach. I told them it’s an unfortunate reality and keep on the lookout for family orientated nudist resorts in their area instead.

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I was looking at a series of photos at Pure Nudism today that showed many nude families enjoying the sun at a popular nude beach. It is wonderful to see all these generations of nudists together participating in our healthy lifestyle. In this series you see parents and children as well as grand parents all naked together and having fun.

nude families

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Some people often complain there are hardly any family friendly nude beaches and that there are too many dominated by gay men but it’s sure not the case at this beach and many others I have seen. It’s just a matter of finding the ones that are. It may mean you have to travel longer to get to them but it is worth it for the atmosphere.

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I’ve mentioned this observation before but one thing I really notice when visiting the nude beaches of Europe is how popular family nudism is there compared to say beaches in the USA or Australia that tend to be more couples and singles. I think this is a great shame as it’s nice to see a whole family group together enjoying their lifestyle. I’ve often wondered why this is the case and can only put it down to a less relaxed acceptance of nudism in general in these countries.

nude family

What ever the case I spent some time on these family friendly nudist beaches recently and it was nice to see a more festival type atmosphere with games and sport taking place with people of all ages participating.

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I’m looking forward to spending some time at a few nude beaches this Christmas holidays with my partner. The bigger nudist beaches of the Southern hemisphere are packed with nude couples and families during their summer holidays. You also get a lot of nudists from the USA and European countries who visit for the holiday too to escape their winter and soak up the sun. I look forward to doing this when I retire… a year round summer sounds very appealing to me!

nude couple at the beach

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When I see a photo like this one it makes me want so much to be the ocean. If you’ve never tried nudism it is hard to explain the feeling of standing completely naked right next to the big blue ocean as the mist of salty ocean water whips at you as the sea breeze washes over your body. This family of nudists know that feeling well I bet.

nude people

I have even done this during the colder winter months! The feeling is exhilarating but I couldn’t stand there too long. Luckily this was at favorite nudist resort of mine so I was able to head back to the cabin for a warming schnapps and the sauna.

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What is really noticeable to me about nude beaches in Europe and Russia compared to ones in the US is that you see way more families together. I think it is wonderful to see family naturists enjoying themselves together. A common sight at many Russian resorts is three generations of a family holidaying together with the grand parents, mother and father and their sons and daughters.

family naturists

The young married couple in this family naturist photo are at one of these nudist colonies with their parents. Enjoying a stroll down to the water for a swim before lunch they don’t think anything of being naked in front of each other.

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What a beautiful sight to see a father and daughter comfortable enough to be naked in front of each other and think nothing of it. Such is a day in the life of a nudist family. This dad and his young daughter are enjoying a walk from their cabin up to the beach for a day of bonding by the sea. Looks her daddy is fitter than her as he is well in front of her! Only joking, I am sure this family will enjoy their quality time together.

father and daughter

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People often ask me what do people do at nudist camps? I tell them all the things that most people do at any other type of resort… we just like to have the freedom to do these things naked. Activities like picnics, playing sports, hiking, canoeing and even karaoke are all popular choices of entertainment at most nudist camps I have visited.

nudist camp family

Families, couples, single and youths all enjoy the various activities on offer as they get to know other nudists at the colony. Even the mundane day to day tasks like cooking are more fun done nude with fellow like minded to people around you.

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A great family nudist activity at many resorts and camps is nude golf. In this photo we see some families playing a few rounds of mini-golf sans clothes. I once went to a resort that had a full 18 hole course and there were hundreds of people of all ages playing nude that day. We had a fantastic time… despite shooting well over par and coming last in my group haha. Great fun though.

Nude Golf

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