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Here is yet another candid glimpse into a moment at picnic area at a nude resort in Spain. This wonderful photo is of a nudist mother and son sitting and talking. Just enjoying the day together comfortable in their nudity. I am sure there are not very many boys that would be at all comfortable seeing their mom naked or their mother seeing them naked. For some though they have live this lifestyle their entire life and have no inhibitions or hang ups about being naked in front of each other.

nudist mother and son

The one thing I noticed at nude beaches in Russia, France and Spain is that there were so many families there compared to ones in Florida etc. It was not at all uncommon to see Mom, Dad and their sons and daughters all enjoying the day together. It makes for a nice family atmosphere.

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These two sisters have arrived at their clothes free beach and are getting ready to spend some time pursuing a favorite pass time – nude swimming. They have their snorkel and fins ready too but this will be the only item of apparel on their naked bodies. They like man others have discovered how truly wonderful it is to swim in the ocean totally nude. The feeling of the water flowing around your naked body is an experience that is hard not to love.

nude sisters

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One of the best times to be amongst fellow nudists is during the major holidays when many of the nude beaches attract whole families. It is great to see mothers, fathers and their sons and daughters all enjoying the sun and natural lifestyle together. Unlike the vast majority of people they have no problems or inhibitions about their family members, or anyone else, seeing them naked. And why should they? It’s only natural after all.

nude family beach day out

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What a beautiful sight to see a mom and daughter spending time together on a local nude beach. This French family likes to enjoy their summer weekends and holidays out on their sun filled beaches free of the encumbrance of swimsuits or bikinis. The daughter goes topless sometimes preferring to keep her bottom half covered depending on the area.

mother and daughter nudists

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