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As soon as the weather warms up and beach season is in sight the first ones to hit the beach seem to be the teenage girls. In chase of a nice tan for summer no doubt sans any tanlines. Some of them are bought up by naturist parents so the beach and nudity goes hand in hand for them. From as long as they can remember they never needed a swimsuit to go to the beach.

teen girls natural sunbathing

Others may get introduced the nudism lifestyle through friends and try it and get hooked. Then there is the rest that just go nude purely for the tan and nothing else. But at the end of the day we are all naked under the same sun. :)

The photo above shows two young girls enjoying their afternoon together working on their tan and having fun. It was taken candidly and comes courtesy of the I Love The Beach site. They have a massive collection of high quality candid beach pictures also HD video. I recommend you take a look.

People often like to joke that most nudists are old or fat (or old AND fat according to some!). While it’s true there are a lot more mature aged nudists than teenagers at most beaches, but you can and will find attractive young people enjoying a spot of nudism too. You just have to pick the right place at the right time of year.

hot amateur

I have seen some perfect 10s in my time too. Stunningly beautiful teens with flawless figures like the young ladies pictured here. While they may be few and far between these flawless naked angels are nice to observe in all their natural glory.

teen perfect 10

These teen nudist photos come to us courtesy of Nudist Amateurs. Visit them to see their massive collection.

We often post pictures of topless women at the beach but something not as often seen are girls that go bottomless. Some may find it strange that they chose to keep their boobs covered and not their lower half but horses for courses as I always say. Whether they be embarrassed by their bodies or have another reason to cover up it’s really no body elses business.

bottomless at the beach

See these teen nudist photos in much higher size here

teen girls skinny dipping

You can see thousands of bottomless, topless and naked women at the I Love The Beach site. They have professional cameramen filming at many of the best beaches around the world to bring us unprecedented candid footage of beautiful female nudists.

Go to any of the larger beaches in certain parts of the world and you will see more bare breasts in one afternoon than most will see in a life time. Topless sun bathing is very popular in Europe and other more body liberated parts of the globe. Teen girls especially love it. I think it’s the all over tan and sense of freedom that it affords them mainly, but no doubt some enjoy the attention their naked young bodies receive from the boys.

teens go topless

big breasts

In truth the sight of all these nude young ladies bouncing around the beach barely raises an eyebrow from the locals. It’s the tourists that are usually gawking at them. Coming from their more conservative beaches these hives of nudity and life are worlds away.

These pictures come via the site I Love The Beach. They have a massive collection of nude and topless beach photos as well as high definition videos.

Some more examples of the stunning photography that the guys at I Love The Beach provide us with. All summer long they toil away (if you can call it toil!) at various beaches around the world taking pictures and videos of beautiful young beach goers. This time I believe they are at a popular French beach that is teeming with college age girls on vacation. Most go topless and some of the more daring go fully nude.

no tops

topless teen beach

If you are sitting somewhere cold right now I feel for you. Summer can seem a long way away in the midst of a cold winter. Perhaps there no beaches where you live. If this is the case I am sure photos and videos like these will help. Become an I Love The Beach member to download thousands of high resolution images and gigabytes worth of high quality video of beautiful teens at the beach.

This weekend I was trapped in the house with a badly twisted ankle. I got sick of watching television and decided to spend my time checking out the latest batch of new movies available at I Love The Beach to cheer me up. As always they did not disappoint. They are just constantly filming new videos at many different topless and nude beaches around the world.

topless 18 years old

What also sets their videos apart is the ultra high quality. Very nice 720p high definition that really lets you feel like you are right there on sand next to the subjects. When you can’t make it to beaches like these that are teaming with beautiful teens their movies are the next best thing!

high def beach videos

These screen shots above are just a small sample of their latest updates. You will be staggered at how many videos and photo sets they have available for their members. Be sure to check out I Love The Beach to see much much more!

I have mentioned this before but one thing that always strikes me as different about the nude beaches of Europe and many of the Slavic nations is the percentage of younger nudists. Many of the beaches and resorts there are thriving with teenagers and the unmistakable atmosphere their energy adds. I especially like the carnival atmosphere you get during the holidays periods where the sand and sea is crowded with them.

Spanish teens at beach

These young Spanish girls in the photo above are a good example of this. They arrive at the beach and immediately disrobe. They are all giggles and excitement as they run down the sand and into the cold sea. Girls will be girls and they are soon fooling around and enjoying the beautiful as naked as the day they were born.

beautiful nudist

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Nudist chicks love a party as much as the next girl. If you need proof take a look at these two photos of a group of friends celebrating one of their birthdays. Of course what better way to do that with a nude party surrounded by her closest friends.

naked birthday party

nude girls playing

These pics are from a large series and are just a tiny preview to whet your appetite. They of course come from the Pure Nudism site. They are the biggest and best when it comes to nudist photos and videos and shoot at many nude beaches and all kinds of naturist resorts and private events too. It’s never been a better time to join their site too. They have close to a quarter of a million very high resolution photos and tonnes of great movies. All members also now receive free nudist DVDs each month.

There is just something wonderful about the moment captured in this photo of a young teen nudist. Sure she is a beautiful girl in the prime of life but it’s her huge smile as she delights in the cold water splashing up onto her body. Simple joys like this can often be taken for granted or forgotten but seeing always brings a big smile to my face too.

happy girl

Over this holiday period the weather has been a bit ordinary but there have been more teenage girls going nude on the beach. They all want the all over natural tan I think rather than being enticed by the lifestyle. The good thing is though many of these girls will ‘catch the bug’ and become nudists for life.

This is a greatly reduced size version of the original picture. In fact there is a small series of photos of this girl at Pure Nudism. Become a member to download them along with well over 190,000 nudism pictures and videos.

I had an a very nice day yesterday. It was a very warm and sunny Sunday and the nearest beach was just teaming with people. In particular there were quite a lot of young girls. They like to work on their all round tan this time of the year so there were lots of white breasts and bottoms on most of these chicks. I’m sure a few more days like yesterdays will give them that bronzed look they crave.

teenager at topless beach

So not to sound like a pervert or anything but it is great to see so many teenage girls (and guys) at nude beaches. I sometimes worry nudism is dying out but a day like yesterday where I was surrounded by their excited chatter and laughter restored my faith.

You can see over 187,000 high resolution nudist photos at Pure Nudism. They use pro photographers and take wonderful candid pics at many different nude beaches, naked events and naturist resorts and colonies. Become a member of their site to see them all!

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