Our favorite candid beach site I Love The Beach add lots of new photos and videos to their site each month. I always look forward to the latest batch of their 720p videos the most. The quality is superb and makes you feel like you were right there on the sand next to these gorgeous naked girls. For me that is what it is all about. I love watching them in winter too as it ‘tides me over’ till summer arrives.

Update: Some previews of just a few of the new HD beach videos added for members in July 13. 720p and super quality.

The subjects are never aware they are being filmed in their photos and movies too. I much prefer the candid nature they adopt rather than posed pics. I am always amazed they can get in so close with such high quality undetected.

The pic above shows just a handful of the latest videos. They add more every month as well as photos. Become an I Love The Beach member to see more.

I love this new era of fast internet connections and high definition video. It allows me to see crystal clear videos of so many lovely girls at the beach. The quality is so good when I play them on my big screen LED TV I feel as if I am right there on the sand next to these beautiful young creatures as they sunbake, swim and play naked.

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The candid beach videos I enjoy the most come from the I Love The Beach site. They have a tonne of 720p movies that show hundreds of hot beach babes either topless or nude. They take these candidly so there is no posing from the girls. To me this is the key part of what makes their stuff so nice to look at. It’s just like you are sneaking a peek at them as if you were there on the beach.

They also have thousands of high resolution photos as well as their massive video collection and they are constantly adding more of both. Treat yourself to a members pass to download all of their stuff.

The hard working guys over at I Love The Beach just never stop. Some would argue that candidly filming beautiful naked and topless women at the beach isn’t exactly hard work but I thank them anyway. They have a huge collection of high definition 720p movies they have filmed at various beaches across Europe and are always adding new ones.

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The picture above is a small sneak peek at their latest batch. Always crystal clear with great subjects their videos are amongst the highest quality of any beach voyeur site. You really do feel like you are right there next to them on the sand soaking up the sun and atmosphere and of course surrounded by eye candy.

You can download all of their photos and HQ videos by becoming an I Love The Beach member. Once you do you will have access to some of the very best content of it’s type on the net.

I am very much looking forward to my next vacation. I plan on visiting the many clothing optional beaches that Europe has to offer. Throughout Spain, France, Holland and several other countries there are a lot of beaches I have only seen in pictures and videos that I want to check out.

Here’s a little movie montage of one of the beaches I would like to visit. As you can see there are a fair amount of younger people here compared to many of the full on nude beaches of Europe. While I don’t have anything against older nudists it’s nice to have some people your own age to meet.

This clip comes courtesy of the I Love The Beach site. They film at many of these clothing optional beaches and have built up a huge collection. The high quality of their content makes you feel like you are right there.

On this Christmas eve I thought I would post a video all about the importance of using suntan lotion during summer. Okay, okay, this a light hearted post showing some Dutch women rubbing some sun protection over the parts that get a little less sun that the rest of them. It comes courtesy of the I Love The Beach site who have no doubt captured hundreds of girls lathering up their bodies in sunscreen over the years. Enjoy this trailer compilation of just a few of them.

The I Love The Beach site film at various topless and nude beaches from all over the world. They capture beautiful women candidly enjoying the sun and surf. They constantly update their members section with new high definition videos and photo sets too so there is always fresh new stuff to see and download. Be sure to check out their free tour and updates page for more samples of their fine work.

Become a I Love The Beach member and you download all their HD beach videos.

A lot of Dutch girls love sunbathing topless. When I was traveling there a few years ago I noticed that the Dutch topless beaches where far more popular that the nude beaches there. Maybe it was the time of year or maybe the ladies prefer to keep a little more modesty I am not sure. Whatever the case they still have some magnificent beaches there that are teaming with girls and guys during the warmer months.

This video trailer is a small collage of some of the beach movies from the I Love The Beach site. They have taken many many hours of footage of these very beaches. Have a look at this high quality sample and you almost feel like you are there… I wish I was instead of sitting in front of the PC right now!

Become a I Love The Beach member and you download all their high def videos and photo sets.

As winter moves in on me I miss the glorious sunny days at the beach more than ever. Makes me look forward to being retired and traveling to have year long summers! The good thing about the internet though is being able to view nude beach videos like this. These candid movies make you feel like you are right there on the beach seeing what they are seeing. You hear all those familiar and relaxing sounds of the waves crashing in, the breeze and of course the chatter of girls and boys as they play.

This video is from the site I Love The Beach. It is a very small sample of what their movies are like. Their members get to download the full videos in very high quality.

There are countless women that enjoy going topless on the beach but are not quite comfortable going completely nude. There are some huge topless beaches in France and Europe where the sand is literally covered with topless women soaking up the sun.

The I Love The Beach website know these beaches all too well. They are always filming there. Capturing wonderful candid video like you see in the quick preview mpeg above. They now film all their new beach videos in stunning high definition too so you really feel like your are right there.

See more topless beach videos and photos at I Love The Beach

There is no denying you see some truly beautiful women at any beach be it nude, topless or traditional textile beaches. There is nothing wrong in my opinion in admiring their beauty. A woman comfortable with her body is always a magical sight regardless of age or size.

Some tend to look at every male who looks at girls at the beach to be a voyeur or a perv. While some no doubt only go to a beach just for the sake or staring at nude women (or men if they are gay) most people don’t.

The folks at have a voyeur web site for those that like to people watch. They have been running this project for years and have a massive archive of candid beach videos and they add more multiple times a week for their members to download. Take a look at their site if this sounds interesting to you.

If ever there was a motto for me I Love The Beach would be it! I mean what is not to like? Being out in the sun and surf and surrounded by eye candy of all types. I only wish summer could last all year around so I could go everyday. Ah well take a look at some beach videos to get you through winter.

As well as being a creed to live by ilovethebeach is also the name of a candid beach video site. As you can see from the clip above they have some great high quality footage that they shoot.

Visit their site at to see more free samples. Become a member and you will get to download thousands of their exclusive topless and nude beach videos.

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