A friend of mine asked me if nudists checked out the bodies of other nudists when we were at the beach. I get asked this a lot and the answer is of course.. to an extent. We tend not to gawk and act childishly like a lot of the textile beach goers who sometimes walk across nude sections of beaches to have a perv or giggle amongst themselves. There is nothing wrong with admiring the form of a beautiful woman (or man if that is your inclination) when they in front of you. It’s wrong to stare or be vulgar about it but nudists are people to and it is only natural to want to look at something you find beautiful.

bare bottom

Believe me the bare bottom and breasts of the young lady in this photo would get many admiring glances at just about any beach. She emerges from the water glistening as the sun hits the water dripping off her fit and toned body. Once you experience this sensation it is difficult to go back to swimming in bathers so perhaps this girl is a nudist for life now.

This picture comes from the I Love The Beach site. They film at various nude and topless beaches capturing fantastic candid moments like this for their members to download and enjoy.

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