I was lucky enough to spend a weekend at one of of my favorite nude beaches last week. I hadn’t been there for a couple of years but I was pleased to see it was more busy than I remember it. There was quite a lot of middle aged couples there and it seemed that some were new to the lifestyle judging from their white bottoms haha!

middle aged nudists

I had to warn one lady who was lying on her tummy tanning her back and bottom that she was quickly turned bright red and was getting very burnt. We had a nice talk after she thanked me for the warning and admitted it was only her second time visiting a nude beach. Her husband was new to it too and looked a little embarrassed. Ah well we all have to start somewhere. I just hope her sunburn wasn’t too severe.

This picture was captured candidly of a middle aged married couple and it struck me as a really beautiful picture. They are holding hands and look happily in love as they head down the esplanade for a walk. This image is from the Be Bare Too who have some truly wonderful nudist photos. Treat yourself to a membership to see their huge archive of high res images.

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