A common question from those new to visiting nude beaches is “why are there so many naked old people here?”. I thought this myself too the first time I went to one I admit. I think the answer is two fold. One, they have more free time on their hands due to being retired, not having a young family etc. And two, I kind of think nudism is declining a bit among newer generations particularly in the west.

naked old people

If you are going to a nude beach just to check out all the beautiful young bodies you will probably be disappointed to see so many golden oldies but the truth is they make up the majority of nudists at many of the smaller beaches and resorts. Myself, I think it’s cool these senior citizens still love being naked and are not at all worried about wrinkles, saggy breasts, flabby bottoms etc that more uptight types are so concerned with. I hope one day I am an old nudist!

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