A wonderful sight I saw on many of the nude beaches of Russia and Europe were the number of quite fit and healthy looking old women who spent their days on the beaches. Comfortable being completely naked like this nudist granny in the picture below they went swimming and sunned themselves el natural as naked as the day they were born. I think it goes to show how good for the mind, body and soul nudism can be.

nudist grandmother

Indeed mature nudists often out number all others demographics when you are at many nudist camps and resorts. My guess is they have more time in their retirement hence they are there more often than younger working couples and families. In any case I I enjoy seeing these senior men and women in the nude practicing their lifestyle of choice.

These scaled down nudist photos are courtesy of the Pure Nudism site. To see the full high res pics join their site. They have the biggest archive of candid nude beach, nudism resort and nudist pageant pictures, videos and DVDs.

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