I guess there are many people in life who would find the sight of this very old lady naked either funny or disgusting. True nudist like me find it both beautiful and inspiring. She is comfortable with her aging body wrinkles and all. So why should you be uncomfortable being around it? You will be old and wrinkly one day too… and that’s if you’re lucky!

very old woman

I see quite a few elderly nudists like her at many of the beaches and resorts I go to regularly. They are always great to talk to, especially the ones that have been into the lifestyle for decades. Next time you are at your local nude beach try and make an effort to strike up a conversation with some of the older visitors – you may be surprised what you learn.

This wonderful candid photo was taken by the crew at Pure Nudism. They have hundreds of thousands of nudist pictures like this that they have taken at popular nude spots all over the globe. Their members get access to them all in full high resolution.

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