On this Christmas eve I thought I would post a video all about the importance of using suntan lotion during summer. Okay, okay, this a light hearted post showing some Dutch women rubbing some sun protection over the parts that get a little less sun that the rest of them. It comes courtesy of the I Love The Beach site who have no doubt captured hundreds of girls lathering up their bodies in sunscreen over the years. Enjoy this trailer compilation of just a few of them.

The I Love The Beach site film at various topless and nude beaches from all over the world. They capture beautiful women candidly enjoying the sun and surf. They constantly update their members section with new high definition videos and photo sets too so there is always fresh new stuff to see and download. Be sure to check out their free tour and updates page for more samples of their fine work.

Become a I Love The Beach member and you download all their HD beach videos.

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